We are regularly bombarded with the message that our world is getting smaller. We have more information about more people and cultures than we’ve ever had before. Yet our sense of disconnectedness continues to grow. How is it that we know people in other cities or even other countries, yet know nothing of the lives of the people next door? New Neighbor challenges our assumptions about what a neighbor is, who our neighbors are and what a neighborhood could be. This vivid gallery of words and images gives us a glimpse into what Leroy Barber and many of his Mission Year team members are discovering about being a New Neighbor. It is an invitation to join this movement. To explore, question, wonder and wrestle with others who are longing to be New Neighbors.

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Leroy Barber

He has dedicated more than 20 years to eradicating poverty, confronting homelessness, restoring local neighborhoods, healing racism and living what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. called “the beloved community.”

Leroy starts projects that shape society. In 1990, burdened by the plight of Philadelphia’s homeless, he founded Restoration Ministries, to serve homeless families and children living on the streets. In 1997, he joined FCS Urban Ministries serving as the founding Director of Atlanta Youth Academies, a private elementary school, to provide quality Christian education for low-income families in the inner city.

He is currently the President of Mission Year, a national urban initiative introducing 18-29 year olds to missional and communal living in city centers for one year of their lives. Rev. Barber is the Pastor of a church plant, Community Fellowships Church and on the boards of Atlanta Youth Academy and DOOR.

Leroy is married to Donna and together they have three children: Jessica, Joshua and Joel.


Brian T. Murphy

Brian T. Murphy’s interest in photography began over a decade ago, and through the years he has enjoyed watching his style unfold. He often feels himself gravitate toward certain recurring themes. Big, colorful and often empty places. The absence of people. The breadth and depth of human emotions. Each offers the opportunity to capture something underneath. His search for that something, whether on an empty street or in a person’s eyes, keeps him diving in further with photography.

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We are commanded in scripture to love our neighbor. We often try to justify ourselves by asking clarifying questions about who our neighbors are or how we should love. Jesus never answered these questions directly, instead he told a story.

“Leroy Barber communicates with intelligence and passion, and out of years of experience. As the leader of a national missional organization, he demonstrates an ability to motivate Christians to live out a holistic gospel that combines evangelism with commitment to social justice.”

(Eastern University)

“New Neighbor brings the second greatest commandment to life with story after story of engagement at a human level with those Christ calls us to love most, our neighbors.”

(Founder, Fermi Project & Author, UnChristian)

“Leroy Barber is a passionate urban warrior and leader who has an incredible ability to inform, inspire and move others to action.”

(Chair, Department of Urban Studies, Beulah Heights University)

“Leroy Barber’s first hand knowledge and work in the trenches of today's cities give him insights that bring to life Biblical principles.”

(Program Director, Urbana Student Missions Convention)

“When you see the problems of the world as clearly as Leroy Barber does, most are tempted to despair. But time and again I've seen Leroy counter that despair with encouragement, hope and down-to-earth examples of love in action.”

(National Director, Evangelical Environmental Network)